Test requirements

Please read the terms listed below.

Examinee Requirements

In order to take the test, you (“the examinee”) should ensure the following points are clearly understood. Failure to comply with any of them will lead to termination of the test.

  • The examinee agrees not to pass their unique test link to any third party.
  • The examinee is reponsible to provide all necessary conditions for the correct operation of the Online Proctoring System.
  • The examinee must ensure an adequate level of illumination is available in the room at all times.
  • The examinee must ensure that the room from where he/she is taking the test shoud provide a quiet enviornment (low noise level).
  • The examinee should clearly show a valid identification document. The acceptable identification documents are: Saudi Arabian Government ID, Passport, or Driving Licence. Family cards are not accepted.
  • The examinee should ensure that his/her face is clearly visible at all times for the Online Proctoring System.
  • The examinee must ensure there is no interference in the transmission of the video and audio signal.
  • The examinee must ensure all system requirements are fullfilled prior to the test.
  • The examinee agrees that the Person whose ID and image were captured during the test onboarding process is the examinee who is taking the test.
  • The examinee must not leave the observed zone of webcam during the test.
  • The examinee must keep the microphone switched-on at all times during the test.
  • During the test, the examinee agrees to use only one display device (monitor or TV), one keyboard, one pointing device (computer mouse or trackpad) when taking the test.
  • The examinee is not allowed to get third party assistance during the test or is not allowed to give an access to his/her computer to third parties during the test.
  • The examinee is not allowed to participate in conversations with third parties, to use reference materials (books, cheat sheets, audio recordings), or to use any communication or computation devices, including telephones, mobile phones, pagers, calculators, tablets, and computers, except the one that is used directly during the test.

System Requirements

It is the sole responsibiity of the examinee to ensure that all of the following system requirements are met prior to the day of the test:

  • Operating System (ОS) Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS 10.10 and higher.
  • Google Chrome web browser (the latest version).
  • Working and switched-on webcam (including built-in cameras in laptops).
  • Working and switched-on microphone (including built-in microphones in laptops).
  • Stable internet connection with data rates of not less than 1 mbps.
  • Secure Browser – Web Lock. This can be downloaded on the test day from the testing website.
  • Up to 150 MB permanent space available on the hard drive to install the Secure Browser