General checklist for cases when you have problems with the verification



  • Clear the browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+R for Windows, Command+Shift+R for MacOS) and restart the browser (type chrome://restart in a new tab and press Enter), then log in again;

  • Make sure that at the beginning of the verification, that you click the Share button in the "Provide access to the screen" window:


             I can't see this window

             I can't click the Share button in the "Provide access to the screen" window
             The window immediately appears and disappears (for Mac OS)

  • Make sure that you grant Examus access to your camera and microphone in the pop-up window when you start the verification process (pop-ups must be allowed in the chrome browser settings: chrome://settings/content/popups).

  • Make sure that the browser settings allow the Examus extension to access the  camera chrome://settings/content/camera and the microphone chrome://settings/content/microphone. The Examus extension must be added to the "Allow" list. If you see it in the "Block" list, kindly remove it from there.

  • The test may fail if there is insufficient light in the room or the camera lens has a cover;

  • Check the availability and speed of your Internet connection ( The minimum data transfer rate from the user (upload) has to be at least 1 Mbit/sec, and the recommended speed is 2 Mbit/sec.

  • Make sure that access to the camera and microphone is not blocked by the antivirus or firewall (try to pass the verification with the antivirus/firewall disabled; if it solves the problem, check the antivirus/firewall settings);

  • Check whether other applications that capture the video stream (Skype, Webcammax, etc.) are running. To correctly terminate these applications, use the Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the application and click "Remove task");

  • It is forbidden to use services for remote administration (TeamViewer, RAdmin, Windows Remote Desktop);

  • If you have to participate in the examination by using a corporate laptop and/or Internet connection, talk with your system administrator to see if traffic from your camera and microphone is blocked;

  • Make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the Google Chrome browser. To do this, enter the following address: chrome://help, and update the current version if necessary;

  • Check your computer's operating system (OS) version. Google has stopped supporting Windows XP and Vista. In order to use all the features, one needs to have Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 or higher;

  • Please note that testing from mobile devices is not supported;

  • For Windows 10: Make sure that the camera and microphone on your computer are enabled and allowed to access applications in Windows settings (Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera, Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone);

  • On Lenovo devices, the camera may be blocked by proprietary SOFTWARE. Contact technical support at for recommendations on setting up the camera;


How to solve issues during the preliminary verification process


First problem
 Connecting the webcam


Possible cause: 

  • ·         the webcam is faulty;
  • ·         the connector is faulty;
  • ·         drivers are not installed;
  • ·         the microphone is disabled.


Second problem
 No image from the webcam 


Possible cause:

  • drivers are outdated/not installed;
  • third-party software blocks the image;
  • ·         the microphone is disabled.


Third problem
 Connection problems


Possible cause:

  • The network connection is weak or absent.


Fourth problem
 Broadcasting the image and the screen


Possible cause:

  • TCP/UDP ports are blocked;
  • traffic is blocked on the provider's side;
  • traffic is blocked in your company;
  • ·         VPN is enabled;
  • the antivirus firewall is enabled.


All elements are frozen


Possible cause:

  • issues with the browser installation;
  • ·         traffic is blocked;
  • ·         VPN is enabled;
  • Chrome traffic is blocked in your region.