Check your computer settings in advance (at least one day before the exam), so that if you have problems, you have time to contact technical support and solve all the problems. 


Note: You don't need to press the Verification button before entering the exam (during the time slot). The process will start automatically after clicking the button.

 Before performing the checking, make sure that:

  • your computer meets the technical requirements;
  • your device's camera and microphone are connected;
  • the camera lens is not covered by a foreign object;
  • the room is well lit.
  • the Internet connection is working properly.


Click the Examus icon in the Google Chrome extensions bar, log in to the extension (if you are not already logged in), and then click System Check:


In the pop-up window requesting access to the microphone and camera, click Allow (I don't see this window):



In the pop-up window requesting desktop access, click Share (I don't see this window or can't click the Share button):



Wait for the results of the testing process. If the checking was successful, all icons will be marked with green checkboxes. Click Close the window.


If there's a problem, you will see a red icon next to one or more items, for example:



If necessary, resolve inconsistencies (several displays or webcam unavailability) and click Repeat the checking.


!!! If for some reason testing lasts more than 5 minutes and the button Repeat the checking is not available, close the Syscheck window and start it all over.


See also: What should I do if my computer doesn't pass the preliminary verification process?