Identification document recognition


A clear photo of your document data is necessary to verify your identity. 

ATTENTION! Don't send a photo of your face or other photos when you are in the "Take a photo of your document" section. If the proctor cannot compare your full name in the document with your data in the system, this may be the reason for rejecting the proctoring session.


Move the document close to the camera and click Take a picture. After that, use the Send button:


The Proctor may ask you to resend the photo. In this case, click Take a photo and then Send.

(For sessions in competition mode: make sure that the photo has sufficient clarity and the full name in the document is easy to read; click Send; otherwise, click Take a photo, and then Send).

ATTENTION! If you don't see the Take picture, Take another picture and Send buttons, please use vertical scrolling.


If you have any problems at the stage of photographing a document, use the chatbox to inform the proctor:


After sending the document, kindly wait for the proctor's instructions.


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