Signing up for the exam is only required when mandatory using the Examus extension.
If signing up is not required to take the exam, it is enough to start the exam at the specified start time.
If you need to sign up for the exam through Examus, follow the following steps:

1. Install the Examus extension, launch Examus, and log in using the button on which the name of your educational institution is mentioned.

2. Click on the Examus icon and click the "Find Exam" button in the window appeared:


3. In the window appeared, select the exam you would like to sign up for. It may take some time to load the list of your exams, but if you still cannot see the exam after waiting, please refresh the page.

(The F5 key for Windows, or the keyboard shortcut cmd + r for MacOS).

You can sign up no less than 0 minutes before the expected exam, if the exam has already started, you will not be able to sign up for this slot.

* Note: if you don't see the list of exams, read this article.

4. After selecting an exam, a page with a calendar will be opened. Slots for registering for proctoring will be available on this page.

Gray-colored slots are unavailable for sign up - all places at this time are already taken by others.

The slots that are free for sign up are highlighted in white:

The calendar shows the time in the Moscow time zone (UTC + 3) - keep this in mind when choosing the exam time!

To navigate by dates and weeks, use the corresponding buttons and calendar at the top right part of the page:

5. To write to the slot, double-click on it and confirm your choice in the pop-up window:


 6. After a successful signing up, the slot turns orange, and a new record will appear in the "Your next sessions" field on the right side of the page:

If the slot does not turn orange after signing up, refresh the page (F5 for Windows, cmd + r for MacOS).

Do not click on the selected exams again: you may accidentally cancel your sign up!

Close the calendar window. See also: When can I start taking the test?

If you want to change the sign up time, you must first cancel the previous registration and then select a new recording slot.

Possible issues when registering for the exam and ways to solve them:

All slots are grey
There are no slots at all
There are no exams in the calendar

I've already chosen the test date on the site, but I don't see any record in the Examus calendar