General checklist for check problems


  • Check that your computer meet the minimum system requirements - Does my computer meet the technical requirements? 
  • Clear the browser cache (Ctrl + Shift + R for Windows, Command + Shift + R for MacOS) and restart the browser in the following way: enter the Google Chrome in a new tab chrome://restart (browser://restart if you use Yandex Browser or edge://restart for Microsoft Edge) and press Enter, then re-enter;


  • Make sure that You click the Share button in the "Provide access to the screen" pop-up window that appears at the beginning of the test



I can't see this window

I can't click the Share button in the "Provide access to the screen" window
The window immediately appears and disappears (for Mac OS)


  • Make sure that you provide Examus access to the camera and microphone in pop-up windows when you start checking. Pop-up windows must be enabled in the settings of the Google Chrome browser chrome://settings/content/popups (browser://settings/ content if you have a Yandex Browser or edge://settings/content/popups for Microsoft Edge)


  •  Make sure that access to the camera chrome://settings/content/camera and the microphone chrome://settings/content/microphone is allowed in the settings of the Google Chrome browser for Examus (similar settings for Yandex Browser are in the section browser://settings/content and for Microsoft edge – edge://settings/content). Examus must be listed under the "Allow" heading and must not be listed under the "Block" heading (if it is on this list, remove it);


  •  Disable all extraneous extensions in your browser. On the page chrome://extensions/ if you use Google Chrome (browser://tune/ if you use Yandex Browser or edge://extensions for Microsoft Edge);


  • The check may fail if the room is poorly lit or the camera lens is covered with a cap;
  •  Check the availability and speed of your Internet connection (use the service The minimum stable data transferring rate from the user (upload) is not less than 1 Mb/s, the recommended one is 2 Mb/s.


  • Make sure that access to the camera and microphone is not blocked by the antivirus / firewall (try to pass the check with the antivirus / firewall disabled, if the check passes, remove the blocking in the antivirus / firewall settings);


  • Check that there are no other applications that capture video stream (Skype, Webcammax, etc.) launched. Use the Task Manager to shut down these applications correctly (press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, select the application and click End Task);


  • It is forbidden to use services for remote administration (TeamViewer, RAdmin, Windows Remote Desktop);
  •  If you pass using a corporate laptop and / or an Internet connection, check with the system administrator if traffic transmission from the camera and microphone is blocked;


  • Make sure that you use the most current version of your browser. To do this enter the address chrome://help in the address bar of the Google Chrome browser  (browser://help/ if you use Yandex Browser or edge://settings/help for Microsoft Edge) and update the current version, if necessary;


  •  Check your computer's operating system (OS) version. Browsers do not receive updates on older versions of operating systems. To make Google Chrome, Yandex Browser or Microsoft Edge work correctly, please use one of this OS:
    • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 
    • macOS 10.10 or newer - for Google Chrome; or 10.12 or newer - for Yandex.Browser and Microsoft Edge;
    • Ubuntu 14.04 (x64) or newer;
    • Debian 8 or newer;
    • OpenSUSE 13.3 or newer;
    • Fedora Linux 24 or newer;


  • Please note that the possibility to pass test from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices is not supported;


  • For Windows 10: Make sure that the camera and microphone on your computer are turned on and have the access to applications in the Windows settings (Start> Settings> Privacy> Camera, Start> Settings> Privacy> Microphone);


  •  On Lenovo devices, the camera may be blocked by Lenovo branded software. Contact the technical support to get recommendations on camera setup;

Check Problem Solver

Problem with item 1

Webcam and microphone connection


Possible reasons:

• the webcam is faulty; 

• connection module is faulty;

• drivers are not installed;

• microphone is muted. 

Problem with item 2

Webcam image


Possible reasons:

• drivers are outdated / not installed;

• third-party software interferes;

• microphone is muted. 


Problem with item 3

Network connection


Possible reasons:

• network connection is weak or lost.

Problem with item 4

Streaming webcam and desktop


Possible reasons:

• TCP / UDP ports are blocked;

• traffic is blocked on the provider's side;

• traffic in your company is blocked;

• VPN is connected;

• Antivirus firewall is enabled.

All the items got stuck


Possible reasons:

• errors when installing the browser;

• traffic is blocked;

• VPN is connected;

• Chrome traffic is blocked in your region.