If you are unable to log into Examus, there may be the following possible reasons:


  • Authorization through the Examus button. 

Each educational institution has its own login button. For correct authorization, use only the button with the name of your educational institution (more information about authorization).


  • You use alternative authorization methods.

Do not use social media buttons and other possible alternatives presented on the website of your educational institution for authorization.

  •  You enter your username instead of your email address.


  • Your password or login to the university website is incorrect.

Open the university website in a browser and use the password reset form on it, then return to authorization through the Examus extension.



If an authorization error appears on the website of your university, when you click on the link to the exam, but you can successfully log in on the university website with the same data without Examus - this problem is due to the incorrect operation of cookies in your browser.


The easiest way to solve the problem is to pass the exam not through the browser, but through the Examus application, you can download it from https://app.examus.net/


If it is impossible to use this application for passing the exam of your university, we recommend you to follow these recommendations:


1. It is recommended to enable Cookies in the browser settings:


Google Chrome - go to the page chrome://settings/cookies, section "General settings", select the item "Show all cookies"

Yandex Browser - go to the browser://settings/content page, scroll down to "Cookies", select "Allowed" and uncheck the "Block data and files of the third-party sites" item.

Microsoft Edge - go to the edge://settings/content page, select "Cookies and site data" and turn-on "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) function.

After this check if the problem is still there. If so, move to step 2.



2. Clear browser cookies

Google Chrome - chrome: // settings / siteData - "Delete everything"

Yandex Browser - browser: // settings / siteData - "Delete everything"

Microsoft Edge – edge://settings/siteData – "Remove all"

After this check if the problem is still there. If so, move to step 3.



3. Use the Incognito mode in the browser (Ctrl + Shift + N) and pass the exam in it. In Google Chrome, when you switch to Incognito, make sure that the "Third-party cookies block" item is disabled, as in the screenshot:


If the problem persists, move to step 4.


4. Use another browser – you have checked in Google Chrome, then try using Yandex browser or Microsoft Edge; if you originally used Yandex browser, try checking in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


Important: only one browser should be running, all others should be closed. Yandex browser must also be closed in the system tray by right-clicking on its icon "close the browser". If the problem persists in another browser, follow steps 1,2,3 in it.