The computer settings must be checked in advance, at least one day before the exam, so that in case of any problems you have time to contact technical support for troubleshooting.
Advance check is only available when using the Examus extension.

If the exam is passed without using the Examus extension (we recommend you checking the detailed information on the method of passing the exam in the instructions from your university or test organizers):
1. We recommend you to pass the check on the page and in case of facing problems while passing the check, use this article: The computer does not pass the system check
2. The check will Also be available directly at the entrance to the exam.

If You take the exam using the Examus extension:
right at the entrance to the exam, you do not need to press the "Test" button preliminarily, since the process will start automatically before the test starts.
Before checking, make sure that:
o Your computer meets technical requirements;
o The camera and microphone are connected to Your computer;
o The camera lens is not blocked by a foreign object;
o The room is sufficiently lit;
o The internet connection is working properly.

1. Click on the Examus icon, log in to the extension and then click on the "System Check" button:


 2. In the pop-up window for requesting access to the microphone and the camera, click "Allow": (I don’t see this window):

3. In the pop-up window for requesting access to the desktop, select the desktop so that it becomes surrounded by a frame and then click the "Share" button (I don’t see this window or I cannot click the Share button):

 4. Wait for the results of the checking process. If the check is successful, all icons should be marked with green checkmarks.


If the result of the check is negative, you will see a red icon next to one or more items:

Make sure your computer meets the minimum technical requirements. To re-check, click "Re-check".


Attention: If, for some reason, the check lasts more than 5 minutes and the " Re-check" button is unavailable, close the hardware check window and start the check again.


See also: The computer does not pass the system check