Attention: do not send the photo of your face or other photographs when you are in the "Take a photo of your document" section.

1. You must send a clear photo of the document details to verify your identity.

  • Basic identity documents that are usually used to verify identity:
    Passport (of the Russian Federation citizen or of foreign citizens), or Temporary identity card of the Russian Federation citizen (form No. 2P, during the period of passport replacement).

  • Some universities also accept other documents to verify identity, where there are the applicant's full name and photograph, for example, a driving license, a foreign passport, a record book, a student card, etc.

  • If for any reason you do not have the passport, we recommend you clarifying in advance the possibility of using these documents to confirm your identity with representatives of your university or the testing organizers.

Move the document closer to the camera and click «Take a photo». Then use the "Submit" button:

If you don't see the buttons, then scroll down the page vertically.

The proctor may ask you to resend the photo. In this case, click “Take a photo” and then “Submit”.

For Contest Mode sessions: make sure the photo is clear enough and the full name on the document is easy to read; click "Submit"; otherwise, click “Take a photo” and then “Submit”.

If you have any problems at the stage of taking the document photo, use the chat window to inform the proctor.

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