Kindly note that it's not possible to start an examination without the proctor's permission in a proctoring session.

(In the competition mode, the exam starts automatically after sending a photo of the document).


After sending the document, kindly wait for the proctor's instructions.  On the right side of the window, you will see a chat where you will receive messages from the Proctor and can ask him questions:

IT'S PROHIBITED TO: block access to the screen using the Close access button at the bottom of the screen without the corresponding request from the proctor!  However, you can remove this window from the field of view if it prevents you from viewing the examination window (just click the Hide button).


When the proctor allows you to start testing, the page will automatically update and you will be redirected to the website of your educational institution. 

A pop-up window with a request from the site for access to use the microphone and camera may appear on top of the examination window (in the upper-left part). Press the Allow button:


You can also activate access to the microphone and camera by clicking on the service caption (if there is one) on the Examus dashboard (on the right):


After granting access to the camera, your image will appear at the top of the Examus dashboard. 

ATTENTION! During the entire exam, you must always stay within the frame.




The content of the page that precedes the test itself varies depending on the specific website and test, but it usually contains the test rules and the Start button (testing).  Please read the contents of this page carefully! This will help you avoid misunderstandings during the exam process and correctly submit the results for verification. Special attention should be paid to the exam rules.


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