The examination rules are set by the training organizers and may differ depending on the specific exam. For example, in technical science exams, you may often be allowed to use a calculator, while in programming exams, you may not be allowed to use any computer programs.


You can usually read the rules on the page that opens after the proctor allows you to start the exam. Also, the rules are displayed in the Examus dashboard, right above the chat feed:


Allowed options are highlighted in a bright color, and forbidden options are highlighted in a pale color. To view the icon value, hover the mouse cursor over it and wait for the popup hint to appear.

List of allowed and forbidden options:

Usage of websites

Usage of drafts

Voices in the video

Usage of messengers

Asking people for help

Looking away

Leaving the room

Using Excel

Using a calculator

Using books and notes


Keep in mind that both the cyber-proctor* and the proctor monitor compliance with the exam rules. Violations can be detected even after the session is over, since Examus makes a video recording of the broadcast from your computer's webcam and desktop. 


*The cyber-proctor is a set of algorithms for automatic recognition of video from the camera and desktop, as well as analysis of other sources of events, which allows you to detect suspicious actions of the test subject and report them to the Proctor.


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