After reading the rules, start by using the appropriate button on the page and get started.
 Always keep in mind the timer that displays the time remaining until the end of the exam (kindly note that it's located in different areas of the interface on the websites of different educational institutions). If you are late with responses, you won't be able to pass the examination!

On the right side of the screen, you can see the Examus information panel, which contains a video window with your image, the name of the exam, the name of the educational institution, the exam rules, a chat with the proctor, and a field for sending messages to the proctor:


If you want to collapse or expand the Examus dashboard, click on the >> logo the left from the panel:

If you perform prohibited actions, the proctor will send a warning, which will be displayed in the chat. Also, it will also appear in a pop-up message in the lower right corner of the screen:


Always follow all instructions and requirements provided by the proctor!

You can also ask the proctor all your questions in the chat.

The list of frequently asked questions and ways to solve them:

During the examination, the extension was closed by mistake or with no reason

The exam page doesn't load
The buttons in the exam interface don't work, the page freezes, the images don't load
There is no test or another page loads instead of the test.
There is no "Submit for review" button in the test


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