Completion of the examination by the student

Before you decide to close the Examus session, make sure that you have submitted all responses for verification.

Different websites use different interfaces for sending responses. Usually, after the correct responses are sent, you will be redirected to a new page with a confirmation. It may look as follows:


You need to ask the organizers or the proctor to clarify this moment.


ATTENTION! Only after completing the test in the interface of the educational institution's website, you can close the Examus window (click the cross in the upper-right corner of the page)


Completion of the exam by the proctor


In case of gross violations of the exam rules, the proctor may terminate the examination ahead of time. In this case, you will see the following notification:


Despite the fact that the test window is still open, kindly note that the proctoring session is over, and further attempts to pass the test will not be recorded in the Examus system. Close the Examus window and contact the organizers of the training process to book a new date of examination.