A few days before testing, check that your device meets the technical requirements (how to do this?)


The following steps must be taken immediately before the test to make the proctoring session successful:

Provide good lighting in the room

Check for a stable internet connection

Check that the camera and microphone are turned on and the camera lens is not covered with a cap

Prepare the identity document  

Plug in the laptop to avoid battery discharge problems, and receiving power from a battery sometimes reduces productivity

Restart your computer for to provide full performance

Turn off all the unnecessary programs and tabs in your browser. To do this, use the Windows Task Manager, which can be opened by the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut; the program can be closed by pressing the End task button. On macOS, you need to go to "Force Quit Programs" by pressing the Command + Alt + Esc key combination.

Turn off and remove headphones, books, and notes (unless they are permitted by exam rules)

Turn off duplicate monitors, mice, keyboards (if any)