Your university and the proctor should be sure that the test is passed by the same person who has signed up for the test. The identity substitution of the person who passes the test is a gross violation and is always the reason for rejection of the test results.

Basic identity documents are usually used to verify identity:
Passport (of the Russian Federation citizen or foreign citizens), or Temporary identity card of the Russian Federation citizen (form No. 2P, for the period of passport replacement).

Some universities also accept other documents as a way of verifying the identity. These documents should contain the applicant's full name and photograph, for example, a driver's license, a foreign passport, a student's record book, a student card, etc. 
If for any reason you do not have a passport, we recommend clarifying in advance with the representatives of your university or the organizers of testing the possibility of using the aforementioned documents to confirm your identity. 

If you do not have the photograph-bearing identity document, you will not be able to take the exam. Please contact your university if you do not have the photograph-bearing identity document.

ATTENTION! The surname, name and patronymic in the document must completely match the data in your profile on the university website. If they do not match, contact the university or the test organizers with a request to change your data in your profile and bring them fully into line with the data in your passport.