There may be several reasons:

1. You did not sign up for the exam in the Examus calendar.


2. Your examination time has not started yet. The test button appears 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

3. More than 30 minutes have already passed after the planned time. Sign up for the test again yourself, or leave us a request to participate in another test (always send a copy to the support departement of your educational institution).


4. There are chances that you may be trying to enter the slot at a different time, because you haven't adjusted your time zone. Kindly note that Examus ALWAYS uses Moscow time (UTC +3).

5. You were participating in the testing process, but the proctoring session was interrupted for technical reasons, or you closed the Examus window. If the session is interrupted for more than 5 minutes, you can't log in to the test again (the button with the test disappears). Use these recommendations.