0. Install the Examus extension and activate it in your browser if you haven't done so before.

1. Check in the instructions from your institution or the testing organization if authorization is required in the extension: 

1.1. If authorization is required - see How to log in to Examus;

1.2. If authorization is not required, follow the unique link provided by your institution or the testing organization.

2. The test that is currently available for taking will be displayed under Scheduled Exams. Note that if multiple exams are available, you may need to scroll down. If you want to begin the test, click "Start":

3. Read the procedure for passing testing, user requirements, technical requirements for equipment, confirm your agreement with the rules for online testing and click the “Continue” button:

4. Next, a window will open in which you will be asked to pass the equipment check (see Checking your computer).

After passing the computer check, click the “Continue” button and to proceed to the stage of identification of the person.