The last system check point fails for three reasons:

1) No microphone connection;
2) No connection to camera;
3) Low speed or unstable internet connection.

Try to clear History of your Yandex.Browser (press Ctrl + Shift + Del in browser)
Open Clear history choose All time , select all checkboxes and press "Clear".


Then do these steps:

1) Press Win + R;
2) Enter "cmd" and press "Run";
3) In the window enter command: "shutdown /f";

Attention: this action will be kicked you out of the system, so you will need to log in again. If you do not know the password for your computer account, better to skip this step.

After this open only one browser and try to pass check again.

If system check also fails at the point -please, check your microphone. If the microphone doesn’t work or incorrectly set by default, the last point of system check also won’t work. 

1. Press Win+R

2. Enter mmsys.cpl

3. Then open "Recording" and choose the microphone which have green volume indicator when you speak. Click on it and choose "Default", then click "Apply":


If there is no microphones in menu, click right mouse button on empty area and choose "Show Disabled Devices". Right-click on the needed microphone and choose «Enable»:



Then right-click on microphone and choose "Properties", open «Listen» and check the following points and click "Apply":



Open «Levels» and check microphone volume level. If indicator of volume level have crossed speaker – click on it to enable it. Confirm changes by clicking OK:


Go to the page: browser://settings/content and make sure that there is the same microphone, which shows a green indicator and set to "Default":


If you haven’t working microphone or camera, then you need to connect any active one, since the system check will not work without any working microphone connected. If you have a built-in camera and microphone, then try to connect a headset and separate webcam.

If the system check also fails at the last point, please make sure that your Internet connection speed is enough.

Check your internet connection speed on the page

Press "Test" button, wait until the end of the check, after receiving the result, scroll to the bottom of the page, click "copy to clipboard", paste it into the letter (Ctrl + V) and send us the result. 

Also send us screenshots (in attachment) of microphone/camera settings in your OS and browser.