1. Try to reset the cache (Ctrl+Shift+R) and then restart the Chrome browser (type in the new tab of the browser chrome://restart and press Enter). If this does not help, see paragraph 2.


2. Reconnect or change your Internet connection. If this does not help, see paragraph 3.


3. In the browser settings, enter another DNS.
Google Chrome – on page 
chrome://settings/security switch on “With” and use Cloudflare ( or Google (Public DNS):



Yandex.Browser - on page browser://protect/ switch on “Use DNS server for DNSCrypt” and choose “Yandex”:



Microsoft Edge – on page edge://settings/privacy switch on “Choose a service provider” and choose Cloudflare ( or Google (Public DNS):



If this does not help, see paragraph 4


4. a) Please pass the check at the website https://test.webrtc.org/ and send us in attachment full screenshots of the results. 

b) please check the Internet connection speed on the page https://yandex.com/internet/ wait for the check to finish, then scroll down the page and click "Copy to clipboard" button, paste in your message (Ctrl + V). 

c) Write which browser, Internet connection and device (personal or corporate) do you use.