To make sure the testing page is displayed properly, we recommend that you clear the browser Сache and Сookies before starting the test.

Google Chrome (Windows/macOS), Microsoft Edge

In order to clear browser cache/cookies:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+Del (macOS) while in the browser. 
  2. Select Time Range > All Time and check Cookies and Cache.
  3. Click Clear data:

After you do so, restart your browser and open the testing page again.

Safari (macOS)

On macOS, Chrome and other browsers can use cache from Safari in addition to their own. To clear the cache in the Safari browser, open the Development menu and click Clear Сaches. After a few seconds, the function will delete all cached files. 

Note: Do not use Safari to log in to testing.

Need further assistance? Reach out to us via or our support portal so that we can help you.